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Intellectual Property Lawyers Peru

Result Legal is a law firm specializing in Intellectual Property as: 

-Trademark searching and renewals

-Trademark rights

-Trade secret misappropriation

-Representation of trademarks and patents

-Copyright searching, registration, licensing and litigation.

-Copyright: advertising, entertainment, media, marketing, videogames, and others.

-Fashion Law and trade dress



-Software piracy

-IPR enforcement: piracy

-Unfair competition

-Industrial Designs

-Patent and trademark application preparation and prosecution

-Patent, trademark and copyright license agreements

-Patent enforcement

-Patent litigation

-Patent license agreement and know how

-Utility models

-Know how

-Plant Breeder’s Rights

-Health registration for food

-Pharmaceutical and biological patent

-Genetically modified organism

-Contracts to access to genetic resources

-Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

-Scientific creation

-Literary property

-Protection of personality

-Information technologies, digital environments, e-commerce and domain name protection

-Technical examination

-Offences against intellectual and industry property

-Conciliation and arbitration

-Processes – INDECOPI

-Regulatory Law: cosmetic product and hygiene, industrial products, agricultural inputs and others.

Result Legal Lawyers give you personalised legal advice and online via Skype. Languages: Swedish and English. We are characterised for our earnestness, Lawyers since 1977. Offices in Peru and Germany.

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