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International Lawyers in Peru

Resultado Legal Lawyers give you personalised legal advice and online via Skype. We make written reports.

We work with foreign clients that have connections with Peru due to legal cases. Most of our clients unfortunately can not travel to Peru in order to resolve a legal case that is of their interest, so it is for that reason that our clients give us the right to legally represent them in Peru.

Resultado  Legal is a law firm specializing in International Law as:

Business Law

Constitution of companies, legal advice to members, administrators, directors, managers, drafting and modifications of statutes, shareholders agreement, negotiation, conclusion and fulfillment of nominated contracts as sales agreements, donation, exchange, lease and others, constitution of guarantees, restructuring, liquidation and dissolution of companies, contracts with natural and legal persons, association in partnership, Joint Venture and others.

Contract Law

Breach of contract, compensation, session of the contractual position, civil liability, termination of contract, agreed termination, others.

Mining Law

Initial stage of the mining project, study, analysis, improvements inmining, mining environmental permission, acquisition and registration of mineral rights, surface rights, easements and water use, agreements with communities, obligations deriving from mining investment, negotiation, preparation and execution of mining exploration, mining contracts, partnerships and Joint Ventures, sale or purchase of mining companies and others.

Real Estate Law

Sales contract, partnership, Joint Ventures, rent contract, trust, physical and legal sanitation, invalidity of the sales contract, execution of Public Deed, others.

International Trade Law

Export and import transactions, profits for the exports, customs procedures, tariff preferences and others.

Intellectual Property Law

Trademark searching, representation of trademarks and patents, copyright searching, registration, licensing and litigation, copyright, piracy, industrial designs, utility models, know how, health registration for food, pharmaceutical and biological patent, genetically modified organism, contracts to access to genetic resources, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, scientific creation, information technologies, digital environments, e-commerce and domain name protection and others.

Pharmaceutical Law

Biotechnology, medical services, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, healthcare products, export, import, others.

Genetic Law

Assisted human reproduction, frozen embryos, embryo transfers, genetic identity, legal and bioethical linkages and others.

Immigration Law

Residence permit, certificate of Alien and others.

IT Law

Data protection, identity theft, illegal trade in data, it security and others.

Family Law

Notarial divorce, divorce by mutual consent, contentious divorce (based on abandonment, adultery, incompatibility, bigamy, etc), property settlement, exequatur, child custody, support and visitations, parentage, paternity denial, children rights, inheritance, anticipated inheritance, intestate succession, endowment, renouncing inheritance, adoption by exception, child abduction and others.

Criminal Law

In the same way, we are also working with Criminal Law in terms of: ordinary and serious crimes, extradition, bigamy, illegal appropriation, international fraud, IP offenses, computer-related crime, financial crimes, etc.

Resultado Legal Lawyers, we are characterised for our earnestness, Lawyers since 1977. Offices in Peru and Spain.

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Wendy Dávila

Wendy Dávila Bendezú

Abogada española por la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. Realizó estudios de Administración Pública en la Universidad de Gotenburgo, Suecia. En el Perú estudió Derecho en la Universidad San Martín de Porres. Trabajó en el Poder Judicial de Gotemburgo en el área de Derecho Concursal. Experiencia con Derecho Internacional, Inmobiliario, Empresarial y Familia. Colegiada en el Colegio de Abogados de Lima y en Barcelona. Idiomas: sueco, inglés, alemán y castellano.

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