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Procedure for Notarial divorces for Peruvians abroad and foreigners 

Results legal teams will represent you in Peru and will act on behalf of the parties through a Power of Attorney. The attorney will file the divorce petition at the Notary’s Office.

At the Sole Hearing, the lawyer on behalf of the spouses will agree or not to the request of separation. In the case that the spouses come to an agreement through the lawyer, the Notary will then declare the conventional separation through a notarial deed.

After two months have elapsed in which the conventional separation has been declared, the lawyer representing the spouses will request before a Notary the dissolution of the marriage bond.

The Notary will then confirm the dissolution of the marriage bond at the Public Registry under the Persons section.

Then, it will have to give way to the RENIEC.

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Divorce in Peru

Procedure of notarial divorces by internet for Peruvians abroad or foreigners:

Steps to file for divorces online:

1.The client informs us through email or the chat system specifically about their interest in performing a divorce online.

2.We inform you about professional fees and administrative expenses.

3.When the client confirms his / her interest in commencing the divorce, he / she must make the payment in advance in order to cover professional fees and administrative expenses. Payment can be made via PayPal, Wester Union, Moneygram or bank transfers. Reliability is what characterises us, Legal Result Lawyers, since 1972.

4.The client will send us information in order to provide a service for his representation in Peru and the documentation that is necessary when presenting to the public Notary, detailed in this article.

You can contact us with any inquiries regarding Notarial Divorces in Peru through the following FORM:

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Wendy Dávila

Wendy Dávila Bendezú

Abogada española por la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. Realizó estudios de Administración Pública en la Universidad de Gotenburgo, Suecia. En el Perú estudió Derecho en la Universidad San Martín de Porres. Trabajó en el Poder Judicial de Gotemburgo en el área de Derecho Concursal. Experiencia con Derecho Internacional, Inmobiliario, Empresarial y Familia. Colegiada en el Colegio de Abogados de Lima y en Barcelona. Idiomas: sueco, inglés, alemán y castellano.

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