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Trademark registration Peru

The trademark is a sign whose function is to differentiate itself from its similar ones in the market, whether these are products or services provided by natural or legal persons. The trademark is a good other than the product or service. The trademark can be created with a word, several words, images, figures, symbols, letters, figures, the forms of presentation of the products, the packaging and even the wrappers, the sounds and smells.

The purpose of registering the trademark of a product or service is its protection against third parties. The registration of the trademark provides legal protection to the owner of the same, who could denounce whoever benefits from its use. Trademark protected, similar products will not be able to register with the same brand or that is similar.

In Peru, the registration of a trademark grants protection for 10 years. Six months before the 10-year expiration date, the trademark protection procedure could begin.

You can register a product or service brand, a trade name, trade slogan, collective mark and certification mark.

Process to register a trademark:

1.- Identify to which class the product or service belongs. It is necessary to use the Nice International Classification of Goods and Services. For example, legal services is class 45.

2.-Search for registry records before the Directorate of Distinctive Signs of Indecopi. This allows us to avoid submitting applications for trademark registrations that may be confused with other trademarks that will already be registered.

3.- Fill out a trademark registration form and pay the fee to INDECOPI.

4.- The trademark application will be published in the Electronic Intellectual Property Gazette. The term to oppose the registration of the trademark is 30 business days.

5.- If there is no opposition, the trademark registration certificate will be issued.

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